Ted's Vision for DeKalb Super 6​


DeKalb can lead on transit expansion
in our Metro Region​

When we talk about transit and equity in transit we are talking about the holistic approach to supporting a system that supporters working families, that provides reliable and efficient services to all DeKalb residents and businesses. This will help reduce traffic congestion which in turn supports cleaner air and water in our region. Please sign on to our Transit Equity for ALL DeKalb plan, and share with your friends. Help us build thousands of supporters behind taking action on creating a community where we can live, work, and thrive while protecting and restoring our natural environment and fighting the causes and impacts of climate change.

Here are the highlights of my proposal for Super 6:

  1. Adopt and fund the full penny scenario in the DeKalb Transit Master Plan.
  2. Address the “sidewalk gap” and safe lit routes to transit stops.
  3. Adopt a climate action, clean energy and clean transportation approach to all new investments in transit, stations, and other infrastructure.
  4. All new buses purchased by MARTA and the ATL should be Zero Emission buses (ZEBs).
  5. Commit to creating a fare-free (or nominal annual fee) transit system for MARTA and the ATL.
  6. Adopt a county-wide infill policy modeled after the Sierra Club’s national platform.

Ted’s Record:

    • Advocate for transit expansion for over a decade, going back to 2006 door to door canvasser for the Sierra Club, collecting signatures for the nascent Beltline idea.
    • As Director of the Georgia Sierra Club from 2016-2019, advocated and campaigned for the successful MORE MARTA referendum expanding transit investments in the City of Atlanta, and the Gwinnett MARTA campaign.
    • After a decade of inaction and stalled plans, successful led the effort to complete the Stone Mountain Trail bike path through Clarkston.
    • Over $10 million invested in new walking, biking and greenspace infrastructure, including improvements to bus stops and installing new bus shelters throughout the city.  
    • Passed city resolution approving support of the DeKalb Transit Master Plan