As a two-term mayor of the most diverse square mile in the country, Mayor Ted has established himself as a thoughtful, progressive leader. His extensive local government experience, coupled with his ability to get things done, distinguishes him in this race. He will make an excellent Super District 6 commissioner.

Hank Johnson


Ted represents the very best of DeKalb’s progressive instincts. He cares deeply about people and neighborhoods and has a track record of innovating for the benefit of both. DeKalb County will be well served with Ted on the Commission.

Amir Farokhi

Atlanta City Council member, District 2

Ted Terry will make an exceptional County Commissioner, because Ted leads with passion, conviction, and will fight for all the residents of Super 6. I’m grateful to have worked alongside him as a council member, where I was able to witness his innovative leadership and work ethic, and I have no doubt in my mind that he’ll work even harder as an Dekalb County Commissioner.

YT Bell

city council member, city of clarkston

Ted is a proven and inclusive leader, having worked collaboratively to lead one of the most diverse cities in Georgia.  He has moved Clarkston forward as Mayor and as Commissioner we can depend on that same type of leadership!

Mereda Davis Johnson

district 5 Commissioner, Dekalb county

Mayor Ted understands the issues of District 6! He is understands and will help me fight for the people of District 3.  Ted understand government and will hit the ground running.

Larry Johnson

District 3 commissioner, dekalb county

I am supporting Ted because I have known him for over a decade and I KNOW he cares for his community and I KNOW he can get things done. If there is anyone that will take care of MY HOME county of DeKalb, it’s Ted Terry.

Dar'shun Kendrick

Georgia state representative, house district 93

Ted is a doer and not just a talker. He is a model of Democratic Principles and Values. He has been the genius and energy behind some of the most awesome things happening in DeKalb County where I lived for more than 30 years. DeKalb would be smart to elect him. 

Ruth Wilson

Rockdale Clerk of courts

Ted has proven to be an innovator, a social justice warrior and someone who knows how to look outside the box for solutions.

Stephe Koontz

City Council member, city of doraville

Ted understands that DeKalb citizens deserve an ethical and hard working commission.  He is committed to making sure every voice is heard. 

Steve Henson

Georgia state Senator, district 41

Ted Terry is an experienced public servant who has proven he can effectively manage the responsibilities of Executive leadership.  His progressive stance on key issues has improved life for underserved demographics. Ted’s commitment to serving all constituents equally, will serve DeKalb well!

Felicia A. Moore

city council president, atlanta city council

As a former mayor, Ted is uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between DeKalb and its cities. I believe his unique viewpoint will help steer the county beyond the controversies of the past and into the 21st century. I’m proud to support him for the DeKalb Super 6 Commission position. 

Joseph Geierman

Doraville Mayor

Ted is a strong, collaborative leader who knows how to guide DeKalb County towards excellence in policy-making and service delivery. On the commission, I know that he will bring his past mayoral experience working with refugees to achieve meaningful partnerships and shared vision that span the breadth of diversity within our region.

Rebekah Cohen Morris


We are experiencing transitions at a rapid rate within our community. Many of the decisions made today by decision-makers will continue to affect us in many years to come. Mayor Ted Terry, an experienced public servant, has the wisdom and insight to make the right decisions as the next DeKalb County Super 6 Commissioner.

We are both deeply passionate about working to help push DeKalb County forward while serving the community to the best of our abilities. 

I endorse Ted Terry for DeKalb County Super 6 Commissioner.

Diijon DaCosta

DeKalb Board of Education, District 6

Ted is an innovative Progressive mayor. His charismatic personality and conviction are multi-faceted entities in bringing coalitions of black, brown, and yellow persons together in shaping the Beloved Community. I have worked with Ted and proud to support him with enthusiasm.

Reverend Dr. William Edward Flippin, Jr.

Former Second Vice President of the Georgia NAACP

Ted brings the convergence of youth and experience! A new perspective with experience! I have seen first-hand the qualities that will make him a great commissioner!

Billy Mitchell

georgia state representative, district 88

He will bring a new direction and fresh perspective that will move DeKalb forward. His experience as Mayor of Clarkston makes him ready to lead from day one. Under Ted Terry’s leadership, I have no doubt that Super District 6 and all of DeKalb will reach their full potential

Robert Murphy

Former Candidate, Dekalb super 6 commission

#VOTEPROCHOICE Supported Candidate

#VOTEPROCHOICE is a radically inclusive political engagement platform working to elect prochoice candidates to every public office across the country.

BRS Endorsed Candidate

The Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen (BRS) has noted that you are a friend of labor and understand what hard work and a secure future for the American middle class is all about. There, the BRS is proud to endorse you as a Democratic candidate for DeKalb Super 6 Commissioner. Georgia is a state in which the BRS has many proud, hard-working union members, and we believe you will continue to fight for their best interest and for all of labor. We understand you strong sense of solidarity and belief in the core mission of labor to provide better jobs for all. As we continue to fight daily for a strong working-class in this country, we appreciate having candidates like you in our corner.