Ted's Vision for DeKalb Super 6​


DeKalb For the People Act

I first ran for office seven years ago because I was tired of the same ole same ole politicians who stand more for special interests, than the people’s interests. Far too many elections are bought by a few powerful, well-connected people or corporations. Far too many voices are drowned out by the money and corruption in our political system. The time to give power back to the people is now.

That’s why I’m fired up to introduce my DeKalb For the People Act. Modeled after HR 1, the first legislation introduced after the Democrats took back control of the House of Representatives in 2019. It is the most significant democracy reform package in the modern era. Reforms that we can implement right here in DeKalb County.

Here are the highlights of my proposal for Super 6:

  1. Establish Election Day as a county-wide holiday.
  2. Create a non-partisan independent redistricting committee to draw county district lines.
  3. Develop an alternative campaign funding system for county offices. Matching small contributions for qualified candidates.
  4. Strengthen the code of ethics for all county offices.
  5. Permanent expansion of early voting times and locations, anywhere in county election day voting, ballot translations for all major lingual groups, and use of hand-marked paper ballots.