Ted's Vision for DeKalb Super 6​


We must add climate action to the legislative priorities of DeKalb County.

I first ran for office because I was tired of waiting for politicians to stand up for what needed to be done. Climate change is real. It is here. And it is a threat not just to us here at home, but to 100 million people all around the world who risk becoming refugees because of global warming. The time to act is now. Please sign on to our DeKalb Green New Deal, and share with your friends. Help us build thousands of supporters behind taking action on climate change, ensuring cleaner air and water for all.

Here are the highlights of my proposal for Super 6:

  1. Commit to a county-wide 100% Clean Energy and Clean Transportation future by 2035. Fund a Sustainability Director and implement the transition plan.
  2. Ensure a just and equitable transition to a clean energy economy, those who have been impacted the most by environmental injustice should be the first to receive the investments.
  3. Expand regenerative landscaping and urban farming practices county-wide. Using fewer pesticides, herbicides and other cancer-causing chemicals polluting our streams, and soil and people.
  4. Fight for fare-free transit. Expand transit investments by passing a 1 penny sales tax to implement new rapid-transit corridors county-wide.
  5. Enact a Conservation Community Development ordinance to preserve more green space in future housing developments, protecting our trees and stream buffers.
  6. Bring back the park and greenspace bond program, to fund land purchases for permanent conservation areas, parks and recreation, and wildlife sanctuaries.

Ted’s Record:

  • Passed a commitment for Clarkston to utilize 100 percent clean energy by 2050, including a clean transportation goal by 2035.
  • Initiated the first all hybrid police vehicle fleet in Georgia. 
  • Passed a pollinator protection policy in Clarkston, banning neonicotinoids on city property and parks. 
  • Spearheaded a million dollar restoration of Friendship Forest Wildlife Sanctuary & Wetlands in Clarkston.
  • Passed commitment to ban all single-use plastics in Clarkston by 2021. 
  • Instituted city wide urban agriculture and edible landscaping/food forest program. 
  • Over $10 million invested in new walking, biking and greenspace infrastructure 
  • Secured $400,000 grant to install energy efficiency and weatherization improvements for income eligible and high energy burdened households. 
  • Joined the nationwide 10-minute walk (to a high quality park) campaign and secured grant funds to study and expand access to high quality parks in Clarkston. 
  • Established the Clarkston Tree Bank and partnered with Trees Atlanta to plant more than 350 native and pollinator friendly trees in Clarkston. 
  • 2016-2019 – Executive Director of the Georgia Chapter of the Sierra Club, the oldest and largest environmental organization in the country.