Ted's Vision for DeKalb Super 6

DeKalb Criminal Justice Reform

DeKalb can set the national
model on Criminal Justice Reform

Many of the reforms we need in our country right now through elections picking the District Attorney, Solicitor General, Sheriff, Mayors, and County Commissioners. Here in DeKalb County, I will lead on introducing legislation to support restorative justice measures, end the war on drugs, and establish new innovative policing models to enhance transparency, oversight and community involvement in public safety.

Here are the highlights of my proposal for Super 6:

  1. Decriminalize Marijuana Possession, and deprioritize it as a policing strategy.
  2. End Cash Bail, by establishing a DeKalb Bail Fund modeled after the Brooklyn Fund, introduce civilian court watchers program.
  3. Establish a new civilian-led policing model; developing a permanent connective system between residents, business owners, and the public safety department.
  4. Support Incarcerated Women by ensuring that they have access to communication with their families, trauma-informed care, and free basic hygiene products.
  5. End ICE cooperation, reaffirm DeKalb County’s opposition to acting on behalf of Federal Immigration Authorities in enforcing federal law.
  6. Expand Police Athletic League Program (PAL); partner with every police jurisdiction (MARTA, DeKalb Schools, University and Colleges, and Municipalities), to expand universal afterschool program coverage through the PAL mentoring program.

Ted’s Record: